A lifestyle brand that embraces the philosophy that who you are now is the marriage between who you were and who you will be. Just like the ampersand in a sentence.

The now is personal and it’s time we put the person back into the discussion of lifestyle.

Without the ampersands of our lives, yesterday and tomorrow will never come to meet in an authentic context. What would happen if you valued right now? Where would you be tomorrow if you valued the you of today?

Our Founder

Christian Ekleberry

10802713_939826929380582_912957436_nHello & welcome to the AM•PERSON•D brand and lifestyle! When I moved to Taipei, Taiwan after graduation, I quickly realized that there were large parts of myself that were unfulfilled. Other parts of me were being dictated by social standards and others’ loving, but misguided, desires for my life’s path. The remaining parts of me, the ones I valued most about myself, were ridden in self-guilt and self-doubt.

Even though I had always been a headstrong and confident go-getter, something was missing. Quite simply, it was authenticity. It was the affirmation that who I was right now was exactly who I needed to be to propel me into the future, a tomorrow that only I should have say over.

The more I began to embrace this philosophy, the more radical changes I saw in my own life. I think others see it, too, and should have their own chances to explore the depths and heights to which this mode of living can transform their own lives.

AM•PERSON•D is more than a brand. Its inherent value is that it makes the person, you, the most valuable asset to your life. The life that you are living right now. So be you and be here. It’s right where your yesterday led you and where your tomorrow will come from.

The Logo & The NameLogoAMP

AM•PERSON•D is pronounced just like ‘ampersand.’ The name and the logo are a play on the widely used, but often overlooked, written symbol (&).

In a sentence, the ampersand joins together ideas. In much the same way, who we are today is the marriage between who we were and who we will be. And this is personal. Lifestyle should be personal and for too long, we’ve allowed the person to be removed from the direction of life.

‘AM’ represents the acknowledgement of our existence and value, followed by the desire to actively put ourselves back into the idea of living and thus, to allow our own authenticities to give us the direction we need. Ultimately, the ‘D’ of AM•PERSON•D.

The logo is a visual representation of this concept. Looking at it more closely, one can see a person holding and examining her own being in the palm of her hand and using this to move forward.

Without the ampersands of our lives, yesterday and tomorrow will never come to meet.